For Businesses and Private Individuals

Studio Alberti-Salamina offers its services in the following business areas:

  • Company incorporation and business start-up
  • Contract, corporate and tax-related advisory services
  • Company accounting, legal and judicial protection, and debt collection
  • Corporate and business organisation and structuring, extraordinary operations
  • Handling of in-house and third-party disputes
  • Intergenerational business handover
  • Business crisis
  • Winding-up

all with the aim of being considered by clients as their trusted consultant.

The Firm offers skilled legal and tax-related advisory services to private individuals for:

  • Management and protection of movable property and real estate
  • Testamentary succession
  • Property protection
  • Personal tax issues

From the legal perspective, Studio Alberti-Salamina has successfully concluded civil cases in the areas of banking, commerce, contracts and insolvency.

It has also taken part successfully in several company restructuring projects and has provided advisory services in takeovers and mergers of leading Italian and foreign companies, in partnership with funds and major banking groups.

Why enlist the help of Studio Alberti-Salamina?

The Firm is well established in the area, acquiring and consolidating its expertise over the years in the following judicial branches:

  • Civil Law
    Contract; banking; management of assets and corporate groups; property sales and purchases; property development operations; disputes; debt collection; compensation for damages; property and tenancy law, testamentary succession
  • Insolvency Law
    Intended mainly for banking institutions and businesses in the Emilia Romagna region, with experience in matters of bankruptcy rescindment, current account remittance and anomalous operations; pre-bankruptcy business crisis restructuring and resolution operations; arrangements with creditors, application for and opposition to bankruptcy procedures.
  • Commercial Law
    Business sales and transfers, company rentals and property leasing, corporate and business restructuring, due diligence.

As regards the content of the more specific services offered by the profession of chartered accountant, the Firm offers its advisory services and assistance to professionals, businesses, companies and start-ups, including innovative ones, on corporate and tax-related advisory services. An ongoing advisory service is offered to businesses as well as assistance with taxation and accounting issues. Consultancy and assistance with corporate matters and in the drawing up of budgets. Completing tax returns and drafting tax-related correspondence.